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The firm has had the pleasure of providing comprehensive architectural problem solving on a full range of projects:


The planning and design services of Robert H. Amor's office include:


A building program can seem overwhelming to anyone involved for the first time. Mr. Amor is personally involved in all phases of the project from feasibility studies and programming to the joy-filled completion of the new building. As a specialist in architecture he will assist, advise and guide you through the project.


Architecture is an expression of what the client stands for in a specific time and place. To achieve this requires careful communication between the client and the architect. Mr. Amor realizes how important it is that he completely understand your program, needs, desires, uniqueness, goals and priorities before he can develop the design solutions. The programming procedure developed by working with many clients is customized for your project.

With this procedure of programming and design, the client has a definite involvement in the development of their facilities. This provides a sense of ownership of the design resulting in positive support of the program.


Both visual and verbal communication is most important throughout a construction project. It requires special abilities, understanding and patience for an architect to communicate with the client. Not all architects have that ability and commitment.

You will find that Mr. Amor is careful and diligent in communication and documentation, starting with the initial interviews, continuing through the programming stage where there may be several meetings, a written program developed, and presentations of the program to the client.

Communication continues when he presents proposed designs utilizing combinations of drawings, sketches, three dimensional models, and photographic slides and prints of the architectural model and computer drawings. The photographs of the architectural models look so real that they receive applause.


Best value for a building could mean "best square foot value" for the money.

Mr. Amor often recommends a detailed and studied master plan. This may determine the size of property to buy for the project. It may even determine that there is sufficient land available on the existing site to allow a sale of some of the land to provide funds for renovations and/or new construction of facilities. The master plan also determines the preliminary design of future buildings so that every phase of construction follows the master plan, providing long term financial benefits. Mr. Amor will design with the appropriate amount of flexibility and multi-use of space to allow maximum use of the facility. Controlling building area is a very important step in controlling costs of construction, maintenance and operation.

He has the knowledge of architecture, and modern-day construction methods and materials that is imperative for this kind of design. He pays attention to details including the engineering when preparing construction documents thereby achieving the proper balance of "values" in the context of the total project.


The profession of architecture has been in a transition stage from primitive slide rule, free-hand sketching and hand drawn to an exciting period when the computer is used for every operation in the office.

Mr. Amor is at the forefront of utilizing the computer in all aspects of architectural work. As a client you will benefit from his computerized operations: word processing, special programs written in the office for spreadsheets for office accounting, construction cost estimating and construction management cost control, structural calculations, acoustical calculations for worship spaces and auditoriums, project schedules, desk-top publishing, laser and dye-sublimiation printing of promotional materials, computer-aided design in 3D with photo-realistic renderings, computer paint programs, video production, computer-aided drafting, website creating and even laser cut parts for three dimensional architectural models.


Inspirational architecture is only paper if costs are not controlled! The motivation for cost control is not only to get the best price for the client but also to preserve size, important features and the quality of the building that could be lost without good prices.

Mr. Amor's goal is to provide the best, inspirational architecture for the best price. This goal is reached with space efficient design, detailed cost estimating, value-engineered details, careful bidding procedures, and communication with contractors.

As an option to more conventional methods of construction, bidding to general contractors or negotiating contracts with a preselected bidder, we can provide construction management services for additional cost savings.


Buildings built to be inspirational: first, in the image presented to passersby; second, in the way the designs are a source of inspiration and a true expression of the building program and client; third, in the way that the design expresses this with an honest beauty; and fourth, in the way good use of time, talent and treasures are incorporated in the building.

When all the thousands of hours of client, the architects, engineers, builders, and all the workmen are provided and much money spent, it is found that the design was the most important consideration!

Mr. Amor will give you his commitment of the time and talent with his sensitive and artistic abilities as an architect to design and build the best building for the client.