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"Our congregation members as well as visitors continue to compliment the design and serviceable church structure we have. We thank you for our good fortune. May God continue to bless you in your profession."
Pastor and Mrs. M. Ruohomemi, Bethany Lutheran Church, Kaleva, MI

"Robert Amor was our architect of choice when the people of Advent Lutheran Church in Morgan Hill, CA decided to build a new sanctuary and additional educational space. The normal practice is to interview several prospective architects, which we did prior to making our selection. High on our list of priorities was to find someone who was willing to listen to our needs and to work with us in designing a facility that would accomodate our particular form of Christian ministry. For example, we used a great deal of drama both in the Sunday morning worship services and a special summer Christian Music Theater, and this was to be a growing part of our ministry to our congregation and the community in which we live. As we interviewed each architect it became apparent that Robert Amor was the person who best fit our needs. He listened carefully, brought out his own ideas that might assist us to fulfill our ministry goals, and came back with drawings that caught our attention and built our enthusiasm for what the future facilities would look like and still serve our needs.
One of the proposals that Robert brought to us was a sliding glass wall/door that allowed for an expansion of the space for those times when there would be a need for extra seating. In addition, it enabled young parents to take restless children out of the worship service yet still see and hear the service. This addition has proven to be an invaluable asset to our congregation's ministry.
Finally, Robert was always available to us when we needed to discuss some matter regarding the building program. We always felt that he cared for us and for what we felt God was leading us to do in our ministry. In Christ,
Gary L. Berkland, Pastor Emeritus, Advent Lutheran Church, Morgan Hill, CA

"I am grateful for your flexibility and understanding in light of so many different committees at various stages of preparation. There is no adequate way to thank you at this point for the terrific week just past, and the results brought about by your capabilities, style, dedication, and personal warmth (to name just a few of the qualities we all appreciate.) The building of interest throughout the week and the response on Sunday morning confirms the validity of your approach. I feel the written program has been very well received, and we're all anxious to see what design possibilities emerge."
Rev. Larry George, Foothills United Methodist Church, Cameron Park, CA

"I was extremely pleased with Bob Amor's handling of your very difficult problem. It would appear that he is going to be able to fully utilize your existing construction while at the same time giving you a striking new building facing your main approach. The inside use of space is excellent and especially remarkable in the sanctuary design is the way in which it will conform itself to a wide variety of congregational sizes while seeming to fit them all. I cannot emphasize the importance of this point too strongly. In the traditional rectangular church, not only has there been no room for easy expansion, but when the church was built too large initially, the large number of empty pews had a psychologically damaging effect on the people who were there with the result that building for future growth tended to diminish prospects of that growth. Through very creative design Bob is proposing a sanctuary which will enable you to meet the present needs of the congregation and give the sanctuary the appearance of being full while at the same time providing for intermediate stages of expansion."
Rev. Donald J. Bruggink, Ph.D. Professor of Historical Theology, Western Theological Seminary, letter to: Haven Reformed Church, Kalamazoo, MI

"In 1981-82 I was the pastor of a church involved in a building expansion program when I served Peace Lutheran Church of Sparta, MI. At that time I was privileged to know and work with Robert H. Amor as the architect for that building program.
The congregation and I were very pleased with his work. The new sanctuary is a beautiful and warm worship area, and I have heard many compliments on it. We were also impressed with how the architectural design blended with an existing building without giving a "tacked on" look.
I was pleased with the process Mr. Amor led us through in planning for the building. We began with an assessment of needs and goals that was very helpful in keeping the building committee and the congregation working together. The design that Mr. Amor proposed really grew out of the expressed needs and beliefs of the congregation and stayed within the budget goal.
Mr. Amor's presence during the actual building phase was also very professional and helpful to us. His attention to detail and insistence on quality were important in providing the beautiful building the congregation enjoys today.
I am happy to recommend Mr. Amor to any church that is considering a building program. His knowledge of the special needs of churches, his willingness to listen and understand the theology and goals of a congregation, as well as his architectural skills make him well suited to working with a congregation that is building or expanding its facilities."
Arthur R. Wilde, Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Sparta, MI

"Thank you, Bob, for all your hard work, long hours, patient listening, and creative brilliance. We are blessed to have you a part of our team here in Fremont."
Pastor Dan Anderson, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Fremont, CA

"Hope Church is deeply in debt to Robert Amor. He provided excellent architectural services for our new church facilities. He is a gifted artist and is able to design a practical, functional building that is also attractive and beautiful.
Before we began the project, Robert spent a week meeting with various committees to hear what we wanted in our new facilities. He met with the leaders of worship, music, education, fellowship, kitchen and administration. He put together what he heard into a preliminary document that he submitted to our Building Committee, and then to a Congregational meeting. I am still amazed at how he heard the wide variety of opinions in our family and put them together into his working document. He really listened to our people, not just to a few leaders of the Building Committee. His availability and openness got us off on a good start.
Later he brought back the plans and a scale model. This scale model was a good attention-getter and helped during our fund raising for the project. We could see what our new church would be.
Robert worked with our committee over a six year period. We were able to see Robert in a wide variety of circumstances. He was able to give us excellent leadership and advice. He has a wealth of background and experience in church architecture. Robert responded well to our initiative and ideas. He was open to our input throughout the project.
Robert is a hard working, conscientious Christian. He spent many extra, long hours helping us work through different problems. Robert is a man of integrity in that he is honest and keeps his word.
During our construction phase we hired Robert's Construction Management Services. He was able to work effectively with us in utilizing volunteers from our church. He also saved us money in his research of bids and getting the best prices for our project. His management provided excellent cosontrol throughout the project.
I can highly recommend Robert Amor for his architectural service."
Rev. Neal Neuenburg, Senior Pastor, Hope United Methodist Church, Sacramento, CA